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Strategic vision

We produce the most sustainable paper in the world.

We have developed production processes that consume less energy, less water and fewer fibers; therefore, we generate lower-cost products with a substantially lower environmental impact than the alternatives.

To achieve this goal, we have dedicated decades of research in order to develop our own processes of product development, machinery and technology. All this at the service of our clients, to whom we can offer a portfolio of accessible and widely certified paper solutions that meet the contemporary objectives of corporate responsibility and sustainability.


Years of experience




Yearly tonnes

Technology development

We don't just manufacture paper: we develop paper technology to offer our customers the latest advances in the form of competitive and sustainable products.

Corporate responsibility

Thanks to the multiple ecological certifications of our products, our customers can easily meet their environmental objectives. Let us do the effort!

From vision to reality

This vision is carried out with a series of specific certification programs

Small changes, great impact.

  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
    In order to reduce energy consumption, the most important thing is to know exactly what is being used at every moment. All our industrial circuits have sensors that monitor energy consumption in real time at each stage of the process, in order to identify and execute points of improvement.
  • Cardboard boxes instead of plastic packaging
    Our final products (converting) are packed in cardboard boxes instead of the usual plastic packaging. In this way it can be reused and recycled and, at the same time, it is more convenient to store. It's a win-win!
  • Construction of our own power plant
    We produce almost all the energy we consume through our cogeneration and biomass plants. When we need more energy than we produce, we exclusively get it from suppliers of 100% renewable energy.
  • Reimagining the product to reach the environmental goals
    Along our path to producing more sustainable products we have had to rethink several common concepts in the sector. For example, if instead of using two thin layers we use a single thicker layer, we consume much less energy and the quality of the final product is very similar.