This is LC Paper from inside: discover how a family business has been able to revolutionise the tissue manufacturing process.

Proudly located in Catalonia.

The LC Paper manufacturing plant is located in a town called Besalú, next to the Fluvià river. This location belongs to the Olot-Girona industrial axis, which is 40km south of France and 130km north of Barcelona. This industrial area was born when the industrial revolution occured, and it is the home of the headquarters of various kinds of industries (paper manufacturing, packaging machinery, plastic industry, textile, engineering…). This axis is located in a region of Spain called Catalonia, whose capital is Barcelona. Catalonia accounts for the 16% of the total population of Spain; however, it comprises a much higher percentage of the total Spanish industry. Almost a 27% of all the international exports of Spain are manufactured in Catalonia, so Catalonia is the most international region of Spain.

Our location is unsurpassable: we have easy access to various ports and we are extraordinarily close to France and the rest of Spain. This scenario is key for our growth, and is a phenomenal source of inspiration to continue innovating and opening our industry to the rest of the world.We encourage you to further discover Catalonia and its industry by visiting the official trade and industry website by the Catalan government.