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Wonder what the media says about LC Paper? Here are the latest news and events about the LC Paper brand.

LC Paper's OnePly® tissue manufacturing technology is the only Spanish project, and one of the 16 european companies, featured in CEPI's Reinvest 2050 low-carbon projects report. You can view it by clicking here:

CEPI is the Confederation of European Paper Industries. Every two years it publishes a low-carbon innovation report, selecting the best European projects in that matter. This year's report, named REINVEST 2050, is an outline of the commitment of the forest fibre and paper industry to demonstrate how the industry is actively taking responsibility in reducing its carbon emissions.

The OnePly® tissue manufacturing technology aimed to create a tissue product with softness equivalent to other structured tissue manufacturing techniques despite having a 63% reduction in energy usage and reduction of water consumption by more than one half.
Posted on 14 Feb 2019

LC Paper is introducing the Anti-clog technology: a special paper treatment for the Away-from-home towel products which enables them to be thrown in the bathroom without clogging it. This treatment causes a delayed dissolution of the paper sheet, so that it preserves its strength during usage but dissolves after a few moments, being completely destructed during the flushing.

The Anti-clog treatment will be optional for all of our paper towel lineup starting today.

LC Paper has received interest from Away-from-home stakeholders in creating this technology for years, as clogging is a usual problem in this market. Traditional paper manufacturers avoided clogging by reducing the product strength. This is not the case with LC Paper's Anti-clog treatment: it preserves exactly the same strength values as before, as the dissolution of the product is delayed due to its composition.

The Anti-clog treatment is the result of a research and development process which has culminated in this exclusive product formula.
Posted on 07 Feb 2019

Des d'avui està disponible a la adreça un portal que conté informació actualitzada sobre les posicions vacants a la nostra empresa, juntament amb una descripció de les mateixes i un sistema d'inscripció a les ofertes i enviament de CV's. A través d'aquest nou sistema podem facilitar a aquells perfils interessats en treballar a la nostra empresa la monitorització de les posicions obertes, a les quals recurrentment se n'afegeixen de noves.
Posted on 19 Dec 2018

Ya está disponible en la dirección el nuevo catálogo interactivo de productos industriales, que incluye nuestras nuevas referencias en tisú y kraft. El catálogo contiene las familias de productos que podemos suministrar así como los rangos de parámetros de blancura, gramaje y resistencia de los mismos. Sin embargo, para información sobre tarifas y disponibilidad de unas especificaciones concretas, rogamos que contactes con nuestro equipo comercial.

The new interactive catalog of industrial products is already available in the URL and it includes our latest product references in tissue and kraft. The catalog contains the product families in which we can fullfill orders as well as the range of characteristics (grammage, whiteness and strength) of those. However, in order to obtain specific pricing and availability of a given reference, we kindly ask you to get in touch with our sales department.
Posted on 19 Jul 2018

LC Paper has introduced a new member of the Dalia® tissue paper family: the Autocut Towel, which is available in the following four varieties:

i) Dalia White Autocut Towel 40 gsm (190 m. per roll)
ii) Dalia White Autocut Towel 32 gsm (213 m. per roll)
iii) Dalia Blue Autocut Towel 40 gsm (190 m. per roll)
iv) Dalia Kraft Autocut Towel 32 gsm (213 m. per roll)

All of them feature a resistance of 1.100 g when wet, preventing it from breaking while pulling from the Autocut dispenser. The Dalia® Autocut Towel has a great balance between grammage, resistance and absorption and is compatible with all the current dispensers on the market, so it doesn't require a proprietary dispenser.

The Dalia® Autocut products come in pallets with 44 cardboard boxes each, and 6 rolls per box. Each roll has a width of 198 mm. and a diameter of also 198 mm.

The sales department at will happily provide pricing and further details about those new products. You can also find out more about our Dalia Autocut Towel products by clicking here.

Posted on 19 Jun 2018

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