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lc k-series

The long tradition of LC Paper in manufacturing packaging MG paper offers great flexibility, excellent features and eco-friendliness.

Paper for bags, cost-effective and eco-friendly
packaging: discover our kraft.

LC Paper's MG paper has the lowest CO2 footprint of its class. It uses residual gases to dry the paper: the steam is generated by a biomass heater and the electricity comes from 100% renewable sources. The result is a CO2 footprint of only 63 kg for each tone of manufactured Exterkraft paper.

Our MG paper can be 100% recycled or 50% recycled; in brown colour with two white levels: 72º or 78º. Its use is designed for manufacturing paper bags suited to contain small contents and manual packaging. The weight ranges from 24 g/m2 to 45 g/m2.

The resistance of our MG paper goes from 4.000m and 2,14 kPa/gsm for Exterkraft to 5.000m and 2,57 kPa/gsm for Exterkraft Plus. In both cases, the degree of glue in a Cobb scale is less than 18. The Exterkraft Plus paper features the ISEGA certification for food contact. The use of MG paper bags is perfect for bakeries, pharmacies, books and products with reduced weight in general.

Do you want to receive the datasheet catalog of our MG paper range? Please, get in touch with our sales department.