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Our carbon-neutral approach

Certifications talk by themselves

In the cellulose and papermaking sector, promises about sustainability and low environmental impact are frequent. Unlike other cases in which these promises are abstract, at LC Paper we periodically undergo rigorous environmental certification programs that audit and monitor our ecology standards: from a minimal CO2 footprint up to setting up energy policies.

ISO 14.067: CO2 footprint

This audit certifies the processes for measuring CO2 emissions and validates their correction. Therefore, we provide contrasted emission figures.

ISO 50.001: energy savings

This audit analyzes the measures we take to reduce energy consumption through the review of industrial processes.

ISO 14.001: environment

This audit reviews and certifies the range of measures that LC Paper takes in order to reduce the company's environmental footprint.


This is the European Union's eco-friendly badge, which certifies that the final product meets high standards of sustainability.

FSC® and PEFC™: origin of fibers

They are certifications that guarantee that the non-recycled fibers come from sustainable and ethically-managed forests.

Voluntary CO2 reduction agreement

LC Paper is part of the voluntary program of the Government of Catalonia to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

How did we get there? Two decades of R&D towards sustainable paper manufacturing.

  • Construction of a cogeneration power plant
    In order to achieve the best energy consumption figures, we decided to jointly design the energy and steam generation systems coupled with our production machinery. That is why since 1993 we have our own plant with cogeneration technology.
  • Product design patents
    Our innovations in product design and production processes have been awarded with multiple patents. Discover them on our open R&D website, www.paper.engineering
  • CEPI ranking recognition for low-carbon companies
    The European Confederation of Paper Industries (CEPI) produces a ranking of sustainable European projects in the pulp and paper sector. We are the only company in the Iberian Peninsula to receive this distinction. You can see the full report at the address www.reinvest2050.eu
  • Construction of a biomass power plant
    We have our own biomass plant which produces renewable energy. As this plant is not enough to cover all of our electricity needs, we buy the rest of the electricity exclusively from suppliers with certified renewable energy.