We manufacture carbon-neutral tissue paper.

LC Paper's breakthrough innovations in production engineering allow us to compete with technologies like TAD in terms of quality, but guaranteeing a zero emissions footprint.

Careful, conscious reengineering. Every detail matters.

From the energy production (with our in-house coogeneration power plant) to the raw material sourcing, the manufacturing line, the packaging and the transportation, we have carefully designed every step of our product's journey in order to ensure minimal environmental impact. We are the first tissue manufacturer approaching a zero emissions goal.

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The OnePly® single-layer tissue: same qualities, radically improved eco-friendliness.

We have developed a new kind of tissue paper technology: we call it OnePly. This single-layer tissue line offers very similar qualities than multi-layer tissue processes, either in softness and resistance, while having a radically low environmental impact. Every OnePly roll contains much more paper than a traditional roll, so transportation is also more efficient. 

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¿Business owner? Discover Dalia: your end-to-end solution for your tissue paper needs.

We offer you the best of the OnePly manufacturing technology in a B2C solution: we call it Dalia. Our Dalia lineup will fullfill your tissue needs: from hand towels to toilet paper, we offer you finished products with stellar quality and obsessive attention to the environment.

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