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Vols saber què diu la premsa sobre LC Paper? Aquí trobaràs les últimes notícies i esdeveniments sobre la nostra marca; en anglès.

LC Paper launches its new biomass boiler, allowing the production of paper with neutral CO2

Last Friday, LC Paper hosted an event to launch the new biomass boiler, which has a capacity of 4 tonnes per hour. Thanks to the new biomass boiler, which generates steam for the paper machine, along with certified renewable energy sourcing, most of the paper production of LC Paper is now CO2-neutral, that is, it has zero CO2 emissions generated during the manufacturing cycle.

LC Paper is a worldwide pioneer in terms of sustainability in paper manufacturing. Reaching zero emissions is an important breakthrough that is not an improvisation but rather the result of a process which has lasted for more than a decade, with the goal of reducing the energy, water and raw material consumption in each part of the process in order to reach the zero emissions goal.
Posted on 27 Jul 2017